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By adopting sugarcane pulp paper cups as an alternative on a large scale, we can make a significant contribution to reducing tree felling. We believe that using less wood pulp paper protects a green forest. Choosing sugarcane pulp paper cups not only protects forest resources, but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption. Sugarcane Base Paper, Single Wall Pe Coated Paper Roll , Transparent Biodegradable Packaging , Sustainable Food Packages ,Organic Packaging Materials . Highly renewable: The residue left over from the sugarcane pulp paper manufacturing process can be used as biomass fuel, soil conditioner or fertilizer. This recycling method further improves the environmental protection of sugarcane pulp paper. In contrast, the production of wood pulp and bamboo pulp paper typically generates large amounts of waste and pollutants, negatively impacting the environment. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Malta, Amman,Albania, Mali.From the based paper to the packaging of paper cups, mainly through the following processes: 1, PE film: that is, the based paper (white paper) with a film machine with PE film, film one side of the paper is called single-sided PE film paper: both sides of the film is called double-sided PE film paper.2、Slitting:Use the slitting machine to slit the coated paper into rectangular pieces (for the wall of the cup) and (for the bottom of the cup) rolls of simple paper.3, printing: letterpress printing machine in the rectangular sheet of paper with a variety of designs4, die-cutting: with a flat creasing and cutting machine (commonly known as die-cutting machine) will be printed on the graphics of the paper into a fan-shaped piece of paper cups used for cutting5, molding: only need the operator will fan-shaped paper cups and cup bottom rolls of paper to the paper cup molding machine feeding mouth, paper cup molding machine automatic paper feeding, sealing, punching the bottom of the operation can be automatically molded into a variety of sizes you need.The paper cup molding machine automatically feeds the paper, seals the paper, punches the bottom and so on, and then automatically molds the paper cups of various specifications you need. The whole process can be easily operated by one person.6、Packaging:the good paper cups sealed in plastic bags, and then packaged into cartons.

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