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Sugarcane pulp paper is made from sugarcane fibers using a special process, which allows for more efficient use of renewable resources in the manufacturing process than conventional wood pulp paper or recycled paper. Because sugarcane grows quickly, has a short growth cycle, and is highly productive, there is an ample supply of raw material for sugarcane pulp paper to meet papermaking demand without excessive reliance on deforestation. In contrast, wood sources for conventional wood pulp paper production often require large amounts of deforestation, resulting in deforestation and ecological damage. Coated Paper Jumbo Roll For Cup, Eco Hamper Packaging , Biodegradable Paper , Green Packaging Materialsugarcane Paper ,Packaging That Is Environmentally Friendly . In addition, we can also choose tree-free and plastic-free packaging. Sugar cane pulp paper and cardboard, for example, is a sustainable alternative. The sugarcane production process produces by-products, and these leftover fibrous materials can be reused to make pulp. Typically, these by-products are incinerated, causing air pollution and the production of greenhouse gases. However, a company called Nanguo Paper has given these by-products a second life by upcycling them into tree-free paper and cardboard. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Jamaica, Peru,Japan, Greek.The global launch of plastic-free paper cup technology was successfully held in Shanghai on October 27th, marking a strategic partnership between BASF, Jinguang Group APP, Dubai City and Hunan Lile to promote the global development of plastic-free paper cup technology.Plastic-free paper cups adopt the barrier coating technology developed by Paper & REP (Recyclable Energy Product), which is recyclable, degradable, compostable and microwaveable, and is suitable for hot and cold beverages and other food containers. The research and development of this technology is jointly promoted by Cotai Group APP, BASF and Dubai City, aiming to replace the traditional PE film-laminated paper cups and plastic cups with REP barrier coating, which is committed to solving the plastic pollution problem, providing a brand-new solution for the sustainable development of the paper industry, and promoting the innovation and development of the recycling economy industry.Mr. Wang Lexiang, CEO of APP (China) Large Paper Division, said, As a leading global paper manufacturer, we have always pursued green and high-quality products at Cotai Group APP. The vision of the cooperation between the four companies is to guard the environment through technological innovation. The development of plastic-free paper cup technology will give new life to the entire paper industry, both promoting the sustainable development of the industry and bringing greater value to society.The signing of this strategic cooperation memorandum depicts the blueprint of cooperation for the future development of the global market. Wang Lexiang pointed out in his speech, We will take the major breakthrough in plastic-free water-based coating technology as a milestone and basis for cooperation, join hands to build an ecosystem for the plastic-free paper products industry chain, and strive to perfect the synergy and closed-loop development of the whole industry chain. Since 2019, we have launched a green innovation project of replacing plastic with paper, which is dedicated to replacing traditional PE laminated paper with plastic-free paper. In just three years, we have invested more than RMB 30 million in research and development, and have organized a first-class production technology team to support the development of this project. At the same time, Jinguang Group APP has developed several plastic-free products under the brand name of Zero Plastic. branded plastic-free products. We are confident that with the joint efforts of all parties and the support of the community, we will be able to contribute to the green and low-carbon economy and the recycling and sustainable development.Dr. Jianfeng Lou, Chairman and President of BASF Greater China, said, On the road to sustainable development, we need not only innovative thinking and technology, but also cross-industry cooperation. This joint initiative is an excellent case in point - we have gathered the wisdom and strength of all parties to inject new momentum into the industry's sustainable development with plastic-free paper cup technology.Mr. Lin Fanqiu, Chairman of Dubai City Group, Mr. Pang Hanming, Senior Vice President of BASF, and Mr. Zhang Taojie, General Manager of Hunan LILO, also shared their perspectives, demonstrated their expertise and achievements in the industry chain, and jointly depicted the market prospect of Paper + REP. This technology is expected to replace 3 million tons of PE film paper and 4 million tons of plastic cups, laying a solid foundation for industrial upgrading and development.This joint action is not only a cross-border cooperation of the industry chain, but also provides core technology support for the upgrading of the plastic-free paper industry, promotes the innovation of recyclable products, and contributes to the development of low-carbon and circular economy. The result of this cooperation will be an important step for the environmental protection cause, providing the government and society with an environmentally friendly alternative to limiting the use of disposable non-biodegradable plastic products, and at the same time prompting consumers to form an awareness of environmental protection and a green lifestyle.

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