Tree Free Raw Material For Paper Cup Eco Packaging Paper Boxes Made From Sugar Cane Bagasse

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Sugarcane pulp cup paper/disposable paper bowls/environmental paper bowls/printing and die-cutting bowls/sheets


Our sugar cane pulp paper, good stiffness, high hardness, environmental protection, natural color, suitable for making lunch boxes, moon cake boxes, paper cups, paper bowls, cake boxes, all kinds of food packaging

Use: Beverage packaging, sweet packaging,bread bag,etc.

Certificate : QS, SGS,  Test report

Material: bagasse

Lead Time:within 25~30 days.

FOB Port: Qinzhou port, Guangxi, China

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Why choose sugar cane packaging? - a sustainable alternative packaging material.

Sugarcane fiber packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials. Because sugarcane fiber is ethically sourced and renewable, it offers many benefits to the packaging industry.



Item Name Raw material for paper cups paper boxes
Usage To make disposable drinking cups, cosmetic boxes,food packing boxes, shipping bags, etc
Color Unbleached and bleached
Paper Weight 100~400gsm
Width 500~1200mm
Roll Dia 1100~1200mm
Core Dia 3 inch or 6 inch
Feature Biodegradable material
Coating Uncoated
Printing Flexo and offset printing

Product Features

 Sugarcane is renewable and can be harvested annually.
 Reduced Carbon Footprint: Sugarcane pulp production typically produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
 Sugarcane paper is made from agricultural fiber waste, and its main ingredient, bagasse, is a by-product of the sugarcane plant that can be used in areas such as sugar, alcohol and biofuels.
 Wide range of applications: can be used for a wide range of products from toilet paper to packaging.




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Why Choose Us?

Extensive experience: With more than 40 years of experience in the field of sugarcane pulp and paper, we are pioneers in the industry. This means that your mill has in-depth knowledge and rich practical experience in the research, development and application of bagasse grass-based pulp and paper technology.

Construction of an ecological industrial chain: Using sugarcane as raw material, we have established an ecological industrial chain from sugarcane cultivation to sugar production to bagasse paper making. The construction of this industrial chain helps to maximize the use of resources.

Diversified product range: We produce a wide range of sugarcane pulp papers to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need high quality paper or special purpose paper products, you can provide the appropriate products and offer personalized solutions to your customers.

Promotion of environmental awareness: We are committed to promoting the use of sugarcane fiber instead of wood fiber to reduce the felling of trees. This promotion of environmental awareness helps to reduce the consumption of forest resources and protect the ecological environment. Choosing the products of our factory is also a support to the environmental protection cause.


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