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In addition to reducing the need for trees and providing high-quality paper products, utilizing bagasse for paper manufacturing also reduces air pollution. Traditionally, bagasse has been incinerated, releasing large amounts of harmful gases and particulate matter. The use of bagasse for paper production can effectively reduce the emission of these pollutants, helping to improve air quality and protect the environment. Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Supplies, Custom Logo Boxes , Paper Cup Paper , 6oz 8oz 12oz Paper Cup ,Biodegradable Bread Packaging . The promotion and application of biodegradable environmentally friendly packaging on a global scale is a joint effort. Governments, businesses and consumers all have an important role to play in creating conditions to drive the adoption of this environmentally friendly packaging. The government can encourage companies to switch to biodegradable packaging materials through policy and regulatory support. Companies can invest in the research, development and production of these environmentally friendly packaging, and at the same time actively promote their environmentally friendly advantages to guide consumers to make rational consumption choices. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Las Vegas, Oman,Rome, Bolivia.1, observe the color.Selection of disposable paper cups, do not just look at the color of paper cups white or not, do not think that the whiter the color of the more hygienic, some paper cup manufacturers in order to make the cups look whiter, adding a large number of fluorescent whitening agents. Once these harmful substances into the human body, it will become a potential cancer-causing factors. Experts suggest that the public in the selection of paper cups, the most under the light, if the paper cups under fluorescent light blue, it proves that the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard, consumers should be careful to use.2, look at the grams

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