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Sugarcane pulp paper is made from sugarcane fibers using a special process, which allows for more efficient use of renewable resources in the manufacturing process than conventional wood pulp paper or recycled paper. Because sugarcane grows quickly, has a short growth cycle, and is highly productive, there is an ample supply of raw material for sugarcane pulp paper to meet papermaking demand without excessive reliance on deforestation. In contrast, wood sources for conventional wood pulp paper production often require large amounts of deforestation, resulting in deforestation and ecological damage. PE Coated Paperboard, Paper Eco Friendly , Bagasse Base Paper , Compostable Bakery Packaging ,Compostable Soap Packaging . Summarize:Biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the planet. Compared with traditional plastic packaging, biodegradable packaging can degrade quickly and will not cause pollution to the environment. As a biodegradable and sustainable alternative, sugarcane pulp paper has become an ideal green packaging choice due to its waste reuse characteristics. As consumers, we can contribute to creating a sustainable and healthy future by choosing products with environmentally friendly packaging and disposing of waste properly. Let us work together to act for the sustainable development of our planet. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Ottawa, Costa Rica,Oman, Holland.Grams determine the degree of thickness of disposable paper cups. Here the grams refers not to the weight of the paper cup, but the material of the paper cup in the unit area of the quality of paper. The same capacity, the material of the paper cup, the larger the grams, the thicker the paper cup.Material determines the degree of stiffness of the paper cup, common paper cup material: virgin pulp paper, virgin wood pulp, white cardboard. The same number of grams, stiffness: white cardboard > wood pulp > virgin pulp paper, so you want to thicker paper cups, try to choose a larger number of grams of wood pulp, white cardboard material paper cups.3, look at the body of the cup.Cup body soft collapse is not firm, beware of water leakage In addition, to choose the cup wall thick stiff paper cups, cup body stiffness is not a paper cup pinch up very soft, pour water or drinks, end up when it will be seriously deformed, and even end up, affecting the use of. Experts pointed out that the general quality of paper cups can be filled with water 72 hours without leakage, while the poor quality of half an hour will seepage.4, look at the packaging.To carefully check the packaging logo is marked product name, producer's name, address, product standards, production date, shelf life, health license and other state regulations must be marked content, if the logo content labeling is incomplete or not standardized, it is best not to buy such a paper cup.5, odor.Some paper cups due to the material and ink quality is not good relationship, will send out a very pungent odor, the use of up will be very bad for the body. So when picking, try to choose those soft odor or no smell of paper cups it!

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