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Using bagasse to make paper and cardboard has many advantages. First, it reduces the need for trees. Compared to the number of trees needed to produce one ton of paper, using bagasse to produce paper and cardboard saves a lot of tree resources. This is important for protecting forest ecosystems and slowing down global warming. Printed Paper Cup Fan, Eco Friendly Garment Packaging , Sustainable Packaging Fashion , Paperboard Made From 100% Sugarcane Bagasse Fibres ,Restaurant Food Packaging Containers . Highly renewable: The residue left over from the sugarcane pulp paper manufacturing process can be used as biomass fuel, soil conditioner or fertilizer. This recycling method further improves the environmental protection of sugarcane pulp paper. In contrast, the production of wood pulp and bamboo pulp paper typically generates large amounts of waste and pollutants, negatively impacting the environment. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,New Delhi, Senegal,Uganda, Rotterdam.The byproducts of sugar production are typically incinerated, but in sugarcane paper production, these byproducts are converted into pulp and reused. Sugarcane anaerobic paper is the highest quality paper available and blends perfectly with all high-end finishes, from PE to PLA film.Renewable and Compostable.Our Free-less sugarcane Paper is made from 100% renewable, biodegradable, and compostable materials. Sugarcane is renewed every 12 months and biodegrades in 90 days. Nevertheless, we recommend recycling packages made from sugarcane paper just like any other cardboard.Reducing Emissions.We reduce carbon emissions in two ways:First, it uses sugarcane, a byproduct of sugar production, to convert sugarcane that would normally be burned into pulp.Second, because no trees are cut down or forests destroyed in the process of making this paper, deforestation and associated carbon emissions are reduced.We are the only packaging manufacturer in the China offering this eco-conscious option. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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