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Sugarcane pulp paper is made from sugarcane fibers using a special process, which allows for more efficient use of renewable resources in the manufacturing process than conventional wood pulp paper or recycled paper. Because sugarcane grows quickly, has a short growth cycle, and is highly productive, there is an ample supply of raw material for sugarcane pulp paper to meet papermaking demand without excessive reliance on deforestation. In contrast, wood sources for conventional wood pulp paper production often require large amounts of deforestation, resulting in deforestation and ecological damage. Sustainable Paper And Board, Sustainable Fashion Packaging , Creative Eco Friendly Packaging , French Fries Box ,Eco Friendly Snack Packaging . Paper bags are made of diverse materials, each with its own unique features and advantages. White cardboard is one of the commonly used materials, its texture is firm and thick, with high stiffness and breakage resistance, while its smoothness is also first-class. This makes paper bags made of white cardboard able to withstand heavier items, not easy to break, and comfortable to the touch. Copperplate paper, on the other hand, is favored for its very glossy and flat paper surface, high whiteness and good gloss. Graphics and images printed on coated paper have a three-dimensional feel, giving people an elegant visual enjoyment. However, it should be noted that coated paper is not as hard as white cardboard, so it is relatively weak in terms of load bearing. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Iran, azerbaijan,Vietnam, Latvia.Green packaging, also known as pollution-free packaging or environmentally friendly packaging, refers to packaging materials that are harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and are reusable, renewable and sustainable. The concept of green packaging is reflected in two aspects: protecting the environment and saving resources. The two are complementary and inseparable. Among them, protecting the environment is the core, and saving resources is closely related to protecting the environment, because saving resources can reduce the generation of waste, which actually protects the environment from the source. From a technical point of view, green packaging is an environmentally friendly packaging material made from natural plants. It is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and is conducive to recycling, easy to degrade, and sustainable development. This means that the entire life cycle of green packaging, from raw material selection, product manufacturing to use and disposal, must comply with ecological and environmental protection requirements. To achieve green packaging, we need to start from three aspects: green packaging materials, packaging design and vigorously developing the green packaging industry. For example, paper made from bagasse meets environmental requirements. Bagasse paper can also meet the requirements that packaging on the market needs to meet. Bagasse paper can be widely used in sustainable packaging industry, printing industry and office supplies industry. For example, using sugarcane bagasse paper for food packaging can not only ensure food safety and hygiene, but also reduce the negative impact on the environment. In the printing industry, using bagasse paper to produce books, magazines and other products not only brings a good reading experience, but also reduces dependence on forest resources. In addition, the office supplies industry can also use sugarcane pulp paper to make paper, such as notebooks, letters, and envelopes, thus contributing to a green office environment. In short, green packaging is a packaging method with the core concept of protecting the environment and saving resources. It requires the use of packaging materials made of natural plant raw materials to achieve sustainable development by complying with ecological and environmental protection requirements. In practice, green packaging materials such as bagasse paper have a wide range of applications and can provide environmentally friendly choices for the sustainable packaging industry, printing industry, office supplies industry, etc., and make positive contributions to building a green society.

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